Thank you for Shopping with Candle Me.

Candle Me is an importer and distributor of “Our Own Candle Company”, Jazz Candles and The Black Buggy candles all made in USA.

I found Our Own Candle Company’s cute Mason jar soy candles while visiting family in America. I find Americans make the best scented clean burning candles ever! So I brought home a couple mini masons jar candles to try.  Our Own Candle Company’s candles did not let me down. Everyone who walked in my home thought I had a cake baking in the oven. The scent travelled through the house and just smelt amazing! I approached Our Own Candle Company to buy some more from them, but because frieght is so expensive they don’t send over here to Australia. I just had to have these candles, they were the best I had ever tried. The scents are so true to there scent names and are a clean burning.

So I decided to start my own business asking Our Own Candle Company  if I could  import their mason jar candles agreeing to be Australia’s  sole distibutor for their products. Thanks to Our Own Candle Company my business is doing quite well and I have been able to expand to other unique candle company’s  such as Jazz Candle”s unique Fluer de lis and ball lids 3 wick candles, and The Black Buggy enamel cup Candles.

I hope you too will enjoy what we think is the perfect candles.