Our Own Candle Company was started because we could not find a candle that had all the qualities we were looking for; no wasted wax, a great long lasting scent that spreads throughout the house and finally a candle that lasts a very long time. We worked hard and did a lot of experimentation until we found just the right combination of ingredients to give us what we wanted. The result is what we think is the perfect candle!  A very high quality candle at a very affordable price. We have patented our unique wick straightener which ensures your wick is centered every time. We have also perfected our unique production process so you can be sure your candle is of the highest quality which is what our customers have come to expect. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you decide to try what we think is the perfect candle!

All of the Black Buggy candles are made without dye to be plain and simple, like the people they represent.  The scents are reminiscent of what you might smell while taking a stroll through Amish Country…  Fresh baked goods, sweet flowers in the breeze, or the day’s fresh washed linens.

Jazz Candles are a decorative 3 wick candle hand poured with their proprietary soy blend wax and infused with quality fragrant oils that are designed for a long lasting, clean burning candle that will typically fragrance a 2000 sq.ft home with a rich aroma. These beautiful polycarbonate lids are available with a choice of Fluer De Lis or Ball lid.