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Candle Me takes pride in supplying Australians with unique high quality scented soy blend candles at an affordable price.

Our brands we supply are Jazz Candles, which are a decorative 3 wick hand poured proprietary soy blend wax and infused with quality fragrant oils that are designed for long lasting, clean burning candle that will typically fragrant a 2000sq.ft home with a rich aroma.

Jazz Candles 14oz classic jars are available with your choice of French Fleur de Lis or a ball symbol. Lids are made from polycarbonate and candles come in a decorative gift box.

We are also very proud to be the distributor for “Our Own Candle Company” who make the popular mason jar candle that have a handle so you can easily carry and re- use. “Our Own Candle Company”also have a range of tin “can”dles with vintage picture labels. Both candles are clean burning and contains their special soy blend wax. Value for money as both candles have 100 hour burn time. Also available is the mini mason jar which has up to 30 hours burn time.

Candle Me also supplies enamel cup candles made by the “Black Buggy Candle Company” located in Kentucky. The Black Buggy Candles are made without dye to be plain and simple, like the people they represent, the Amish.
Each candle comes in a plain black and white enamel cup filled with the finest quality wax to ensure that your candle burns as clean as possible.

Also available are their wickless wax tarts to enjoy in your favourite electric warmer.

Buy all these wonder unique soy candles and melts online at

Great gift ideas or simply spoil yourself and your home and office.

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