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Perfect for the spring time, these candles have a refreshing fragrance of freshly cleaned sheets being dried in a gentle breeze! Now, what can be more soothing for a homemaker than this? With a perfect blend of warming and inviting scents, this candle is perfect for your laundry or garden. What can be better than buying the best candle fragrance for yourself? Well, the unique aroma of fresh linen by “Jazz Candles”.

Choose between Fleur de lis or Ball lid. Gift Box included.

Jazz Candle 14oz 3 Wicks.: Jazz Classic Candles decorative 3 wick candles are hand poured with there proprietary soy blend wax and infused with quality fragrant oils that are designed for a long lasting, clean burning candle that will typically fragrance a 2000 sq.ft. home with a rich aroma.
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Price: $25.95

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